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MOPANI Computers provides software and hardware solutions to a variety of businesses and organizations. Additionally, we identify companies planning needs and supply software’s and hardware that can address their needs. With the companies’ implementation of the marketing focus, we will position our services as the high quality, user friendly alternative to typical software, hardware and any other IT services found elsewhere. Our company is driven by the purpose of creating job opportunities and building capacity for youth in the province and around the country.
Mopani Computers is a company driven to provide customers with a complete IT solution needs. The companies’ customer base includes all SMMEs, Schools, NGOs, Churches, Private companies and other government organizations. Additionally, the key to reaching this market is to make them aware that our services are available and we do not need to convince them of anything but the assurance of our quality service.


Mopani Computers has a management team with direct knowledge and qualification of the industry, with extensive research, technical experience and good administration skills. The companies’ management team is made up of Mr. S S Monareng as the sole owner of the company assisted by Mr. PulengSono as an Administrator.
Our companies’ competitive threats come from other IT shops located around Polokwane which is IT Corporation and others. Most competitors offer solutions for software installation, but ignore all other operating systems. With the rapid advancement of information technology programmesthere is a potential for the company to surpass its competitors.


Code of Ethics
All members of Mopani Computers have the obligation to act in ways that will merit the trust, confidence and respect of its clients, service providers, business contacts and society as a whole. To do so, we must lead lives that embody an exemplary system of values and ethics.
In fulfilling our commitment and obligations to those we serve, we act as moral and change agents. Since our decisions affect the standard and quality of both individuals and community we serve, we must evaluate the possible outcomes of those decisions and accept full responsibility for the consequences. We must safeguard and foster the rights, interests and prerogatives of those we serve.
The role of moral agents requires that service providers speak out and take actions necessary to promote such rights, interests and prerogatives if they are threatened. Additionally, the company respects the rights of employees not to participate in any activities that are in conflict with their cultural values or religious beliefs.



  • We are currently continuing to register our company in the database of government departments, municipalities and corporate industries in and around the province, submitting our proposals and tenders.
  • Diversification of services to generate the highest return.
  • Customize the software and hardware to the individual needs of each client.
  • Provide training and follow up service to each client.

Duties: Administrator (Mr. Sono)

  • Strategic planning
  • Manage finance quality standards
  • Cash flow management business
  • Business processes management
  • Monitoring financial and operational performance.
  • Computer Repairs & Web Designing
  • Network Installations (LAN)

Our Team

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MOPANI Computer is a company that provides software, hardware and other IT solutions to its clients. It was found with the purpose of creating job opportunities and building capacity for youth in the province and around the country. Additionally, it was found with the purpose of filling the market need for IT solutions for businesses and personal ambitions, it is emphasizing on service and support to differentiate itself from other competitors focusing much on making profit.

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The company is driven by customers’ needs of complete solution to their entire current and future software, hardware and other IT services. The company was established as Close Corporations in terms of Close Corporations Act of 1984, Reg. no: 2007/226548/23

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Mopani Computers vision is to provide customers with a complete solution to all their current and future IT service they need. Additionally, by creating job opportunities and building capacity for youth in the province and around the country.

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Mopani Computers endeavors’ to establish a reputation for quality work and to continue to enhance its image in the industry by means of innovative research. The company wants to become a well known and respected provider of software, hardware and other sources of Information Technology solutions by means of the following:

  • Conducting our business with integrity and complying with international accepted business principles and practices.
  • Seeking new business opportunities and partners in the IT industry
  • Creating innovative, unique and cost effective solutions to problems currently faced by clients.
  • Participating in the IT industry at ownership, board, management and employee levels.
  • Increasing availability and accessibility to current and future clients
  • Increasing service offerings

The industry is regulated by Computer Society of South Africa (CSSA), which issues certificates and practice numbers for practitioners. SETA also has some programmes aimed at giving information technologist the necessary skills to develop software and other IT products. All members of the company would follow the necessary steps to get necessary certificates.


Mopani Computers is managed operationally by the members as Directors and assisted by salaried employees. Our company has a good management team with direct knowledge and qualification of the industry, extensive research, experience and great administration skills. Its management is made up of Mr. S.S Monareng who assumes the position as a Managing Director (MD) and Mr. P Sono as anAdministrator as well as our Senior technician Mr. Frans

Duties: Managing Director (Mr. S S Monareng)

  • Manage the company as a whole
  • Conduct research to match ever changing features in the IT industry.
  • Set and implement strategic marketing activities.
  • Control financial aspects of the company.
  • Design and implement applications and perform other IT related services
  • Perform computer repairs and installations.

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